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Kenya: Radio Programme

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2011 to 2014
Allan Obiero
26 Jun 14
Fears over hate speech as Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions Intervenes
Allan Obiero
2 Jun 14
Lawyers and supporters of devolution say a legal threshold would provide a safeguard on removing governors from office.
Thomas Bwire
4 Feb 14
Campaign groups say member states should give more to court fund to support projects in Kenya.
Allan Obiero
10 Jan 14
Experts say Kenya’s progress in prosecuting international crimes has been too slow.
Kioko Kivandi
1 Jan 14
upporters of international justice argue court promotes peace and stability as basis for continent’s advancement.
Allan Obiero
31 Dec 13
William Ruto has asked judges to invoke new court rules to let him stay away from his trial in The Hague.
Philip Murutu
9 Dec 13
As mixed and ad hoc courts prepare to close their doors what is the future of international justice?
Allan Obiero
5 Dec 13
An initiative by the ICC to show proceedings locally has gone down well with rights campaigners and those looking to see justice done.
Kioko Kivandi
20 Nov 13
Advocates of justice argue that government cannot be selective in honouring the international agreements it has signed up to.
Kioko Kivandi
6 Nov 13
As judges set February start date, observers warn of consequences if Kenyatta fails to attend.