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Ekaterina Shoshina

Dushanbe civil registry office. (Photo: Ekaterina Shoshina)
Ekaterina Shoshina
26 Jul 13
Impact felt most in cross-border marriages – not what was intended.
Posters demanding an end to Uzbek-language exams in schools, during an April 18 protest outside Kyrgyzstan's parliament. (Photo: Kloop.kg)
Ekaterina Shoshina
5 May 12
Calls for minority language to be dropped as option from school exams are dangerously incendiary, experts warn.
Celebrating International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17, 2011 in Bishkek.(Photo: Labrys group, Kyrgyzstan)
Yevgenia Kim, Ekaterina Shoshina, Dina Tokbaeva, Umed Olimov
2 Feb 12
Prejudicе, abuse and fear of attacks keeps LGBT community in shadows.