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Taylor Toeka
28 Apr 11
Many are held as sex-slaves and if they escape are rejected by their families.
Mineral-rich North Kivu, one of three provinces where the government has banned mining. (Photo: Lisa Clifford/IRIN)
Taylor Toeka
12 Jan 11
Government crackdown appears to have done little to curb unlawful trade funding armed groups.
Taylor Toeka
1 Sep 09
There have been some prosecutions, but many crimes go unpunished.
Taylor Toeka
15 May 09
FDLR launch wave of violence in what appears to be revenge for bid to turf them out of Congo.
Taylor Toeka
12 Sep 08
Soldiers implicated in abuses have been sent back to India, but locals say prostitution remains rife at peacekeeping base.
Taylor Toeka
11 Sep 08
Tenuous ceasefire appears to be crumbling as militias clash with army in eastern Congo, amid reports of new child soldier recruitment drive.
Taylor Toeka
26 Aug 08
As fighting in east of country continues to rage, observers question recent decision to offer rebels an amnesty.
Taylor Toeka, Katy Glassborow
3 Jun 08
Human rights groups warn controversial move could lead to a culture of impunity.
Taylor Toeka
10 Apr 08
Congolese officers receive human rights training aimed at curbing army abuses.
Jack Kahorha, Taylor Toeka, Lisa Clifford
18 Mar 08
Laurent Nkunda says the government must honour its pledge to grant North Kivu militias immunity from prosecution for acts of rebellion.