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The vote at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. (Photo: Omid Memarian)
Omid Memarian
8 Apr 11
Tehran's efforts to ward off creation of special rapporteur post come to nothing.
Ayatollah Khamenei (left) may be losing patience with President Ahmadinejad, here sitting with his beleaguered vice-president Mohammad-Reza Rahimi. (Photo: Supreme Leader's website,
Omid Memarian
25 Feb 11
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei may finally be losing patience with wayward president.
Blogger Hossein Derakhshan, now starting a 19.5 year prison term in Iran. (Photo: Hossein Derakhshan/Flickr)
Omid Memarian
13 Oct 10
Hossein Derakhshan had hoped to return Iran safely, but hardliners arrested him and made him centrepiece of “coup plot” case.
Sarah Shourd, shown on the website of the Iranian channel Press  TV. (Photo: Press TV)
Omid Memarian
17 Sep 10
Iran’s president pretends he had nothing to do with detaining alleged spies, but reveals himself by taking credit for Sarah Shourd’s release.
Saeed Mortazavi has been suspended from the judiciary, meaning he could face legal action for his role in jailing protesters after last year's election. (Photo: Hossein Golia, Mehr News Agency)
Omid Memarian
7 Sep 10
Saeed Mortazavi’s long career as prosecutor of dissidents founders amid mounting anger at mistreatment of post-election protesters.
Judge Abolghasem Salavati presiding over one of the post-election trials of 2009. (Photo: Hassan Ghaedi)
Omid Memarian
9 Jun 10
Abolghasem Salavat, dubbed “Judge of Death”, and two colleagues have presided over most political trials since last year’s unrest.
Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Iran's vice president accused of corruption, speaking at the opening of a cement factory. Behind him on the wall an Ahmadinejad government slogan reads, "It is doable, We can do it!" (Photo: Hossein Golia, Mehr News Agency)
Omid Memarian
29 Apr 10
Probe could cast doubt on Ahmadinejad’s claim to fight graft.
Omid Memarian
28 Feb 10
Denying rights abuses could prove costly for Tehran, both economically and politically.
Omid Memarian
10 Feb 10
Hardline Iranian judiciary likely to execute more dissidents.
Omid Memarian
25 Jan 10
Targeted sanctions likely to pose serious problems for the Tehran regime, but it remains defiant.