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Nadia Bukeikhanova

Nadia Bukeikhanova
Kazakhstan Editor

Nadiya Bukeihanova is a journalist and communications professional in Kazakstan. She has presented TV talk shows and written newspaper editorial columns, and worked with Reuters in Kazakstan.<br /><br />Nadiya has over a decade of experience in public relations and has worked for a number of OSCE election observation missions in Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan. Her current interest is developments in Central Asia media in an evolving security, political and economic climate.

Stories by the author

The Ascension Cathedral in Almaty. Built in 1907, the cathedral serves the local Russian Orthodox community, and is made entirely of wood. (Photo: Deonisy Mit)
Nadia Bukeikhanova
17 Sep 14
Russians say nationalist sensitivities have been heightened by Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.
Vegetable stalls at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Picture from May 2009. (Photo: neiljs/Wikimedia Commons)
Nadia Bukeikhanova, Timur Toktonaliev, Nilufar Karimova
15 Sep 14
Plans to fill trade gap left by ban on European foodstuffs may not be achievable.
Nadia Bukeikhanova
5 Sep 14
Poster showing 19th century cultural heroes in clinch sparks sound and fury, but doesn’t mean Kazak legislators will rush to adopt Russian-style homophobic laws.