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Mohamed El Dahshan

The giant screens outside the courtroom where former President Hosni is on trial have formed the backdrop to fierce protests by both his supporters and his opponents. (Photo: Maggie Osama/Flickr)
Mohamed El Dahshan
6 Sep 11
Others argue that there are more pressing issues than showing trial live on TV.
Rain or shine Ramy Essam could be found entertaining the crowds in Tahrir Square. (Photo: Mohamed El-Dhashan)
Mohamed El Dahshan
11 Mar 11
Political upheaval leaves its mark on popular culture, generating new music and street art.  
Women played an active part in the rally on Cairo's Tahrir Square. (Photo: Daniella Peled)
Mohamed El Dahshan
8 Mar 11
Rights activists hope gender roles will evolve further in new Egypt.
In bursts of 140 characters on Twitter, Mohamed El Dahshan reported the battle for control of the square (Photo: Ramy Raoof)
Mohamed El Dahshan
22 Feb 11
An Egyptian journalist recalls how he dodged rocks, plain-clothes police, camels and agonised over journalistic ethics while reporting on the uprising in Tahrir Square.