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Khan Mohammad Danishju

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Khan Mohammad Danishju
12 Jul 11
Wildly differing electricity bills from computerised system leave Afghan householders cross and confused.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
6 Jun 11
Import duties simply translate into punitive prices while local businesses get away with unpaid taxes, experts say.
A British soldier from the ISAF contingent on patrol in Kabul. Picture taken in 2008. (Photo: ISAF/US Air Force Tech. Sgt. Laura K. Smith)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
13 May 11
American military warns that 2011 will be especially violent.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
10 May 11
No one raised alarm as hundreds of prisoners escaped through tunnel in Kandahar.
On the Khyber Pass, the most famous crossing on Afghanistan’s long and poorly-defined border with neighbouring Pakistan. (Photo by James Mollison/Creative Commons)
Khan Mohammad Danishju, Mina Habib
6 May 11
Recent Pakistani attempts to woo Kabul have failed to build confidence.
An Afghan schoolgirl in Ghazni – where the Taleban have agreed to reopen schools. (Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by 1st Lt. Katherine Roling/ISAF Public Affairs)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
8 Apr 11
Allowing schools to reopen and reconstruction projects to go ahead seen as sign of pragmatic attempt to win public favour.
American soldiers at an outpost in the southern Zabul province. Washington plans to withdraw its forces from active operations by 2014, but maintain a presence after that to provide support for the Afghan army. (Photo: Staff Sergeant Adam Mancini/US Army)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
5 Apr 11
Some fear threats from neighbouring countries more than idea of permanent American military bases.
Refugee camp near Sar-e Pol for Afghans recently returned from Iran, 2009. Despite the obvious needs facing refugees, the ministry responsible has not managed to spend much of its budget as the financial year draws to a close. (Photo: UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
22 Feb 11
Ministries failing to use up their budgets despite pressing need for more reconstruction work.
President Karzai attending a NATO summit on Afghanistan, November 2010. (Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
7 Jan 11
Straw poll suggests most Kabulis disappointed by Hamid Karzai after nearly a decade of his rule.