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Khan Mohammad Danishju

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Mina Habib, Khan Mohammad Danishju
9 Dec 11
Deadly attack comes at time of heightened tensions with Islamabad.
President Hamed Karzai tells graduates of Afghanistan’s military academy about plans to take over security operations from NATO, March 2011. (Photo: Isafmedia/Flickr)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
1 Dec 11
Opposition complains that special assembly was unconstitutional.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
23 Nov 11
New agreement should have eased import-export traffic via Pakistan, but Afghans say that hasn’t happened.
Abdul Latif Sahak, Khan Mohammad Danishju
8 Nov 11
Tehran accused of derailing screening of films depicting abuse of Afghan refugees.
President Hamed Karzai. (Photo: Don Dees/US Defense Department/Flickr)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
28 Oct 11
What exactly did President Karzai mean when he suggested his country would back Pakistan in a war with America?
The Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul symbolises the positive view many Afghans have of India’s role in Afghanistan. (Photo: Isafmedia/MSgt Chris Haylett)
Khan Mohammad Danishju, Mina Habib
13 Oct 11
Deal seen as strategic counterbalance to troubled relationship with Pakistan.
Admiral Mike Mullen, whose robust comments on Pakistani links to Afghan insurgents caused a diplomatic storm. (Photo: Medill DC/Flickr)
Khan Mohammad Danishju, Mina Habib
6 Oct 11
American army commander’s claim that Pakistani intelligence sponsors attacks in Afghanistan will not lead to policy changes, analysts say.
Burhanuddin Rabbani speaking in Kandahar ten days before he was assassinated. (Photo: Isafmedia/Flickr)
Khan Mohammad Danishju, Mina Habib
22 Sep 11
High-profile attack is bad news for those who advocate talking to insurgents.
New female members of the Afghan parliament attend a swearing-in ceremony earlier this year. (Photo: UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
20 Sep 11
Legislators boycott proceedings over partial revision of election results.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
15 Sep 11
Critics say planning for the future will be meaningless without security on the ground.