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Gular Mehdizadeh

 Elchin Qubadov, whose farmland has been seized to build a new airport. (Photo: Gular Mehdizade)
Gular Mehdizadeh
25 Apr 14
On latest construction site, villagers say their farmland was taken before anyone offered them compensation.
Mirzabey Mirzayev says his land was seized to build a holiday resort. (Photo: Gular Mehdizade)
Gular Mehdizadeh
8 Feb 14
Progress slow in legal challenge to state takeover of farms to build prestige project.
Ilham Maharramov was left disabled after fighting in the Karabakh war. (Photo: Gular Mehdizadeh)
Gular Mehdizadeh
21 Dec 12
Soldiers left permanently disabled by 1990s war say they don’t get the care they are entitled to.