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24 Nov 15

Afghan Women Raise Their Voices

Rights and justice issues aired in public meetings and explored in a series of reports.
Women in Kandahar and Khost have had first ever opportunity to talk about equality in a public forum.

Syria: When No News is Bad News

"Something inside me refuses to believe that Ismail is gone. I live in hope that some day he will be released."
Months had passed since I had last seen my brother, so when I answered the door and found him standing there, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Mladic Witness Denies Plagiarism

Former general admits that he used Wikipedia as source for his evidence.
A witness has denied plagiarising material for an expert report he wrote for the defence in the Mladic case.

20 Nov 15

Major Press Freedom Award for IWPR Syria Coordinator

Writer and trainer Zaina Erhaim is honoured again for her work in the war zone.
IWPR Syria project coordinator Zaina Erhaim has won her second prestigious journalism award in three months for her defence of press freedom.

No Freedom of the Press Under Either Castro

Press freedom cannot exist in a totalitarian system, and Cuba is no exception.
Despite some reforms, the media in Cuba remain firmly under state control, and independent journalists and bloggers are still at risk.

Afghan Police Accused of Highway Abuses

Drivers say officers harass them and extort money, instead of making the roads safer.
Afghan police who stop and check vehicles are often more concerned with extorting bribes than with heading off insurgent attacks.

11 Nov 15

Syria's Rebellious Women

Documentaries follow individuals who are determined to make a difference in the face of impossible odds.

4 Nov 15

29 Oct 15

22 Oct 15

For Tajikistan, Kunduz Battles Too Close for Comfort

How worried should Central Asian leaders be about the rising strength of insurgents in Afghanistan's north?
The capture of the Afghan city of Kunduz by Taleban in late September caused consternation in nearby Tajikistan, and sparked rumours that Russian forces might return to guard the porous border.

14 Oct 15

7 Oct 15

30 Sep 15

22 Sep 15

Cuba's Lucrative Medical Aid Programme

Healthcare workers on foreign assignments have to hand over much of their pay to the Cuban government.
Those who join the “medical brigades” abroad enjoy higher wages, a more comfortable lifestyle and access to superior goods. At the same time, they have to surrender at least 50 per cent of their income to their government.