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IWPR Impacts

21 Oct 10
International broadcaster devotes programme to IWPR’s groundbreaking journalism project in Pakistan.
Tiare Rath
21 Oct 10
Joint IWPR-IREX conference highlights the important role information technology could play in the country’s development.
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
21 Oct 10
New training manuals in local languages set to be issued to university journalism faculties and media schools across the region.
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
21 Oct 10
IWPR journalist’s feature on lives of people living with the virus takes second place in major media award.
Magunidano Governor Esmael Mangudadatu, who lost several members of his family in recent killings, speaking at launch of IWPR project. (Photo: Jes Aznar)
15 Oct 10
New IWPR initiative seeks to build consensus over what is a deeply divisive issue.
Merdijana Sadović
14 Oct 10
An IWPR TV feature on problems faced by returning refugees draws official offers of support for them.
Bill Oketch
6 Oct 10
IWPR articles said to have given impetus to preparations for trial of suspected rebel.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
30 Sep 10
Two-week Goma workshop for female reporters geared to boosting coverage of human rights violations.
Ella Rolfe
29 Sep 10
Authority responsible for registered madrassas in Pakistan eager to introduce IWPR media training into more schools.
Dina Tokbaeva
22 Sep 10
IWPR reporting of interethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan during the summer held up as paradigm of responsible journalism.