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IWPR Impacts

23 Feb 11
She says visit to the ICC in The Hague helped improve her understanding of how the court worked and what it was trying to achieve.
Farah Ali
18 Feb 11
Prize awarded for story revealing thefts of treasures from national museum.
16 Feb 11
Reputation for accuracy and independence behind big rise in subscription to Central Asian news analysis agency.
15 Feb 11
Afghan regional centre gives reporters practical help as well as a forum to meet and exchange ideas.
Trainees at the Sarajevo workshop on transitional justice reporting held by IWPR and its local partners, 10-12 Jan 2011. (Photo: IWPR)
Merdijana Sadović
9 Feb 11
IWPR trainees to cover topics intended to help country come to terms with its past.
26 Jan 11
New medical facilities and accommodation provided at Balkh prison after report on prisoner hunger strike.
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
4 Jan 11
IWPR partner radio stations say service helps develop their journalists and lift their output.
24 Dec 10
Many key news portals across country run IWPR story on controversy around commemoration of war victims.
21 Dec 10
IWPR training is said to have helped two Congolese women reporters to develop their careers.
Yelena Voronina from Kyrgyzstan, who won first prize at the awards. (Photo: IWPR)
Dina Tokbaeva, Lola Olimova
17 Dec 10
IWPR competition seen as providing critical support for human rights journalism in the region.