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IWPR Impacts

14 Apr 11
IWPR cited as playing major role in the creation of new body representing journalists in the Balkh region.
 Screening of IWPR video on domestic violence. (Photo: IWPR)
Lola Olimova, Dina Tokbaeva
13 Apr 11
Participants in IWPR gathering on domestic violence say they drew important lessons on combating the scourge.
Scene from Tales of Transition, a mini TV-series produced by IWPR.
Iva Martinović
11 Apr 11
IWPR documentaries about refugees raise issues young people in Serbia rarely get the chance to discuss.
Radio producer Zabihullah Ziar will be producing the radio documentaries. (Photo: IWPR)
1 Apr 11
IWPR preparing series of radio and television features on past abuses aimed at promoting transitional justice.
Iraqi journalists at IWPR Iraq's office in Baghdad take part in a webchat with Al-Jazeera journalist Ayman Mohyeldin, during which they discussed citizen journalism and social media. (Photo: Haider Khudhr/IWPR)
IWPR staff
1 Apr 11
Al-Jazeera star reporter leads live IWPR-facilitated online discussion on prospects for recent media innovations in Arab world.
Lola Olimova
18 Mar 11
They say a number of IWPR-organised forums have helped focus efforts to combat abuse in Tajik detention facilities.
IWPR Iraq senior media adviser Hiwa Osman discusses the growing influence of citizen journalists in Iraq at the IWPR/IREX conference Media Law in Iraq and the Region: Rapid Changes/New Challenges, held March 4-5 in Erbil. Osman used a photo of a young man who recorded crackdowns on demonstrators in Sulaimaniyah to argue that all citizens - not just journalists - require the same protection and rights to information under the law. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa/IWPR)
Tiare Rath
11 Mar 11
IWPR/IREX conference in Erbil underlines importance of open access to information.
Village of Baljvine. (Photo: IWPR)
10 Mar 11
IWPR report on Baljvine's reputation for ethnic tolerance results in village being nominated for co-existence prize.
10 Mar 11
IWPR report on official reluctance to cooperate with the press prompts setting up of media pressure group.
IWPR staff
4 Mar 11
Member of international justice team assesses ICC move to investigate Libyan leader.