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IWPR Impacts

Almaz Rysaliev, Shahodat Saibnazarova, Dina Tokbaeva
7 Jul 11
IWPR reports on new wave of Islamic militancy become sought-after information source for regional experts.
IWPR-supported round table on preventing suicide in the Kazak capital Astana. (Photo: Institute for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities)
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
28 Jun 11
IWPR round table spurs officials to consider development of a national plan to address the problem.
IWPR staff
21 Jun 11
IWPR article highlights efforts to locate the thousands who remain unaccounted for nearly two decades after the Bosnian war.
Human Rights in Central Asia newsletter, May 2011 Issue.
Dina Tokbaeva
21 Jun 11
IWPR quarterly publication said to help raise awareness of abuses across the region.
Ratko Mladic at his initial hearing in the ICTY courtroom on June 3, 2011. (Photo: ICTY)
IWPR staff
20 Jun 11
Expert opinion on proceedings against former Bosnian Serb general featured in TV new package.
Merdijana Sadović
17 Jun 11
Reporters get to grips with some of the legacies of the brutal war of the early Nineties.
IWPR staff
16 Jun 11
International trainers in Afghanistan win plaudits for news photography and journalism.
IWPR staff
15 Jun 11
IWPR reporters begin probing underreported subjects as part of new programme aimed at improving accountability of officials.
Sadeq Behnam
15 Jun 11
IWPR story said to have contributed to introduction of ban on poaching of species that prey on agricultural pests.
IWPR training event held in Goma. (Photo: IWPR)
1 Jun 11
IWPR trainees in eastern DRC taught how to produce videos on their phones.