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The Ukrainian military guards a roadblock near Slavyansk. April 30, 2014. (Photo: Scott Olson/copyright Getty Images)
26 Jun 14
Unenthusiastic response to military call-up leaves paramilitaries playing important role.
A truckload of paramilitaries drive though the east Ukrainian city of Torez flying the Russian flag.  (Photo: Vadim Shamdan)
26 Jun 14
Torez was largely untouched by conflict, but now it has become a paramilitary hub.
19 Jun 14
Ceasefire impossible to implement amid ongoing bloodshed in east.
17 Jun 14
Essential pumping equipment for major canal will be hard to replace amid battles.
11 Jun 14
Statement by parliamentary speaker seems aimed at muddying waters over toxic "annexation" word.
A separatist fighter outside Donetsk airport, the scene of a battle between pro-Russia forces and the Ukrainian military  on May 26, 2014. (Photo: Brendan Hoffman/copyright Getty Images)
11 Jun 14
Mix of local irregulars, volunteers and some troops may not be enough to secure the win Moscow wants.
6 Jun 14
G7 call for Moscow to "de-escalate" east Ukraine situation will have little effect.