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16 Jun 08
As inflation continues to soar, increasing numbers of women turn to sex industry to survive.
9 Jun 08
With state media brought to heel, the authorities are turning on private newspapers.
5 Jun 08
Matabeleland activist says mass exodus to Zimbabwe’s southern neighbour always carried with it the seeds of a possible backlash.
24 May 08
Planning ahead, even for one’s own funeral, is increasingly difficult in Zimbabwe’s second city.
25 Apr 08
No one wants to buy or sell as long as it remains unclear which way the country is heading politically.
24 Apr 08
Zimbabweans have been voting with their feet amidst mounting political uncertainty.
18 Apr 08
With presidential election results still undisclosed and reports of violence against opposition, few in mood to celebrate.
11 Apr 08
Electricity and water supply worsen as country struggles to pay for essential services.
11 Apr 08
Officials claim arts festival has bolstered Zimbabwe’s image, but dire state of the country is hard to disguise.
11 Apr 08
Plans underway for series of demonstrations and petitions demanding their inclusion in the process.