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16 Aug 06
Activists struggle on as legal clampdown on same-sex relationships comes into force.
15 Aug 06
Banknotes have so many zeros that calculators and computers can no longer cope.
3 May 06
Foreign investors nervous about Mugabe's plan to place country’s mines in state hands.
24 Mar 06
Being put on a par with Africa’s poorest countries is seen as an affront by many in Kyrgyzstan, but the government may have no other way of managing its debt problems.
9 Mar 06
Human rights conditions in Iraq remains dire, says Amnesty International report.
28 Feb 06
Some believe Arthur Mutambara has the right qualities to bring salvation to a country crippled by a worsening series of political and economic crises.
7 Feb 06
South African leader’s reluctance to get tough with Mugabe said to have contributed to Zimbabwe’s demise.
14 Dec 05
A leading journalist and publisher, whose passport has been confiscated by the intelligence services, claims Mugabe no longer holds the reins of power.
20 Nov 05
Pro-presidential party remains an administrative tool for President Rahmonov rather than a strong ideological voice.
20 Nov 05
Official claims that Business Bank was liquidated for violating laws are being challenged.