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10 Apr 08
Tsvangirai not guilty verdict is a momentous decision - but will the opposition ever gain power?
10 Apr 08
Observers see Zimbabwe's economic decline as a classic case of mismanagement.
10 Apr 08
With this package of articles, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting launches work in Africa.
9 Jun 07
Overpriced housing and expensive mortgages could drive home-buyers out of the market, causing a major slowdown if not collapse of the real-estate sector.
16 Feb 07
Its seems unlikely that he can ever regain the support he enjoyed when he launched his party seven years ago.
8 Dec 06
Resistance in rival camps seems to be holding up unity talks.
23 Nov 06
Top politicians allegedly stripped state-run firm of assets, an internal government probe has reportedly revealed.
19 Oct 06
Once they achieved spectacular goals – but are now a shadow of their former selves.
16 Aug 06
Activists struggle on as legal clampdown on same-sex relationships comes into force.
15 Aug 06
Banknotes have so many zeros that calculators and computers can no longer cope.