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Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.

Global Voices

16 Aug 16
Prisoners still suffer appalling conditions despite legislative changes
Investigative Report
9 Aug 16
With little oversight, some religious leaders said to exploit their positions.
Sierra Leonian women buy and sell goods in a Freetown market. (Photo: Natalie Behring-Chisholm/Getty Images)
Investigative Report
8 Aug 16
Investigation reveals that many women and girls never inform the authorities.
Sierra Leonean investigative reporter Silas Gbandia. (Photo courtesy of S. Gbandia)
9 Oct 15
Investigative journalism skills essential to uncovering corruption and wrongdoing.
9 Oct 15
Project aims to empower media and civil society to become effective anticorruption watchdogs.
IWPR training session in Nigeria lead by Dayo Aiyetan. (Photo: IWPR)
20 Aug 14
Participants encouraged to write in-depth pieces for their own media outlets.
6 Nov 13
Experts say handling of Charles Taylor case has far-reaching implications.
27 Sep 13
Judges confirm 50-year prison sentence for Liberian ex-president.
25 Jun 07
Sierra Leonean court’s precedent-setting verdicts likely to influence ICC cases in Uganda and DRC.
19 Jun 07
As the Taylor trial gets under way, the court that indicted him builds up the Sierra Leone judiciary as it prepares to wind down.