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22 Aug 11
Experts warn country is overreliant on foreign aid money and on foreign troops who guarantee a measure of stability.
19 Aug 11
Provision at both state and private hospitals remains inadequate, and those who can afford it go abroad for better treatment.
Farming communities in Oruzgan are struggling to earn a living. (Photo: Remko Tanis/Flickr)
18 Aug 11
As officials discuss strategy, farmers say they need solutions now.
29 Jul 11
Outcry after police in western Afghan city arrest unmarried men and women for being out in the streets together
Afghan soldiers learn about mine detection in Kandahar province. (Photo: Isafmedia/courtesy Canadian Forces)
28 Jul 11
Despite clearance efforts, forgotten landmines cause 50 casualties a month.
Brigadier Ed Davis, the commander of Task Helmand Force, shakes hands with provincial police chief General Hakim Angar as the NATO-led force formally hands over control to Afghan security forces, July 20. (Photo: Isafmedia/Hamish Burke)
28 Jul 11
Afghan satisfaction at gaining control of security mixed with fears for future stability.
28 Jul 11
But is separate schooling the right solution?
21 Jul 11
Second-hand goods flooding local market often make a bad buy and add to growing rubbish problem.
12 Jul 11
Either harmless pastime or slippery slope to drug abuse, water-pipes have taken off among young men.
12 Jul 11
Wildly differing electricity bills from computerised system leave Afghan householders cross and confused.