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Global Voices

21 Oct 09
Participants in Open Minds project bolstered by publication of first story in national press.
9 Oct 09
Experts fear Tablighi Jamaat missionary organisation may be further radicalised after mass detentions.
9 Oct 09
Critics warn effort to make Tajik compulsory discriminates against those who mainly speak Russian.
2 Oct 09
Failure of efforts to stop the melon fly prompts farmers in the north to consider giving up the crop.
Editorial Comment
25 Sep 09
25 Sep 09
IWPR training programme enabling girls to air their views in the classroom.
17 Sep 09
Religious leaders and madrassa students in Pakistan keen to embrace the media.
17 Sep 09
Several kidnappings during elections prompt many to suspend trade and take their money out of the country.
15 Sep 09
Officials say three militants were killed in Tashkent firefight but eyewitnesses believe there were more casualties.