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15 May 14
As foreigners leave Helmand, women producing handicrafts say skills will be lost unless new markets can be found.
Conditions at the orphanage in the Alauddin district of Kabul appear good, in contrast to the Tahia-e Maskan facility. (Photo: Mina Habib)
7 May 14
Claims that family connections are used to enroll children at institutions for the chance to study abroad.
Tents provide the classrooms for this school in Afghanistan's Khost province. (Photo: Ahmad Shah)
1 May 14
Most schools in Khost province have no permanent premises, with a shortage of qualified teachers and even textbooks.
27 Apr 14
People in Zabul forced to travel to provincial capital to access healthcare and other state services.
19 Apr 14
Some ask why they defied the Taleban to go and vote if others can stuff ballot boxes and get away with it.
Afghan police and soldiers have been praised for ensuring that the April 5 elections went well. (Photo: Mina Habib)
10 Apr 14
Pride in army and police boosted by largely peaceful elections.
A taxi driver in Mazar e-Sharif. (Photo: Peretz Partensky/Flickr)
10 Apr 14
Women take the wheel in Mazar e-Sharif despite conservative social attitudes.
A woman votes in Kabul. (Photo: Mina Habib)
6 Apr 14
"No one should underestimate the Afghans," says one voter.
2 Apr 14
High turnout expected in a part of Ghazni province where only three people voted in 2010 polls.
Kabul enveloped in haze. (Photo: James Orr)
2 Apr 14
Violence has surged in recent weeks with attacks on civilians and election infrastructure.