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1 Dec 14
Crucial route will link provinces and boost local economy, but after seven years’ work, it still isn’t ready.
22 Nov 14
Tensions build in eastern region as Kabul blames Islamabad for attacks.
5 Nov 14
Influx from North Waziristan puts strain on already overburdened system.
Malala Yousafzai at a meeting in New York with Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. August 18, 2014. (Photo: Andrew Burton/copyright Getty Images)
10 Oct 14
Her story shows how a single, determined local voice can have truly global impact.
Khost in southeast Afghanistan, where health officials fear a refugee influx could lead to the spread of polio. (Photo: Laura Goodgame, US Air Force.)
22 Aug 14
Health officials say disease had disappeared in Khost province but re-emerged with a refugee influx from Pakistan.
A female voter holds up a finger with ink on it showing she has voted, and preventing her from doing so again. (Photo: IWPR Afghanistan)
16 Jun 14
Election officials say more than seven million voted in second round of presidential election.
Afghan National Army men in Khost province, 2009. (Photo: Isafmedia/Flickr)
12 Jun 14
In Khost province, army dismisses claims of a plot to interfere in this week’s presidential ballot.
Gathering palm leaves in Khost, Afghanistan. (Photo: Ahmad Shah)
9 Jun 14
Versatile leaves can be used for eco-friendly matting, dishes and more, but the trees are disappearing for use as firewood.
3 Jun 14
Valuable tree plantations cleared or left to run wild despite their commercial potential.
19 May 14
Villagers often resort to folk medicine. Some live to regret it, others don’t.