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Zaina Erhaim. (Photo: Hayyan Alyousouf)
4 Sep 15
Writer, trainer and mentor honoured for her courageous work in heart of conflict zone.
1 Sep 15
"My father was lying there in a pool of blood. Only a metre or two separated us, but I didn’t dare go to him."
1 Sep 15
Rebel fighter escapes death at hands of government executioner.
28 Aug 15
Parents struggle to understand why young men went off to fight in faraway war.
A displaced family from Aleppo’s al-Fardous neighbourhood. (Photo: Hussam Kuwaifatiyeh)
24 Aug 15
Snipers daily risk to civilians getting from one side of the city to the other.
A female citizen journalist films a child being rescued from the ruins of a house in Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
24 Aug 15
A rebel fighter survives serious injury.
24 Aug 15
"My brother Ali emerged stronger than ever."
Children play near a curtain sheltering them from a government sniper. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
24 Aug 15
"He was sacrificed for the shadow of a cause, and I’m not sure if he even knew what that cause was."
A woman searches for her child among dead bodies in Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
18 Aug 15
Death and devastation no longer make the news in Douma.
Children wait to eat after school is over. (Photo: Hiba al-Rahman)
18 Aug 15
Hunger drives young children to extremes in besieged town of Ghouta.