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Keys are no longer needed to enter this house. (Photo: Habib Zafi)
2 Jul 15
Family returns to village recaptured from Islamic State to find home in ruins.
Two women standing in front of a taxi in the Firdaws neighbourhood of Aleppo. (Photo: Hussam Kuwaifatiyah)
26 Jun 15
In government-held areas, people think one thing and do another.
25 Jun 15
The late Ammar Al Shahbander shows off the Baghdad office and talks about its work.
Mosque in Duisi in the Pankisi Gorge. (Photo: Onnik Krikorian)
22 Jun 15
In the Pankisi Gorge, locals call for more action to stop young men going off to fight in Syria.
People queuing to receive food. (Photo: Yaman Assi)
19 Jun 15
Caught while smuggling food past government soldiers.
A woman teaches children drawing in the Saif al-Dawla neighbourhood of Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
19 Jun 15
In areas outside government control, a patchwork of opposition groups run their own schools.
12 Jun 15
A family nearly comes to grief while fleeing no-man’s land in Douma.
The operating room of the Farmix field hospital. (Photo: Yaman Assi)
8 Jun 15
Under militant rule, doctors flee Deir al-Zor and hospital infrastructure crumbles.
5 Jun 15
Simply venturing out onto the streets has become an ordeal for women in Islamic State-controlled city.
5 Jun 15
Despite security worries, a young women insists on going to university.