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Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities. more

IWPR provides a multilingual platform for journalists who would otherwise have no outlet. Multimedia and text stories cover the themes of IWPR’s project activities, from human rights to good governance, conflict to inclusive societies.

Story production is an integral part of IWPR’s training methodology, as on-the-job mentoring builds massively on formal training courses.

Global Voices

30 Mar 15
Little pay and few books make teaching a profession for only the truly dedicated.
25 Mar 15
Islamic State may have the most murderous approach to free expression, but other paramilitary groups aren't very keen on it, either.
25 Mar 15
Women face dangers from government soldiers as well as Islamic rebels.
25 Mar 15
Local authorities plan crackdown on people who lack the training and operating licenses, but still sell medicines and advise on cures.
20 Mar 15
Politics, disputes and feuds mulled over as traditional coffeehouses continue to play central community role.
19 Mar 15
"We were women brilliant and bright with colour."
18 Mar 15
Narrow escape for a woman whose “offence” is waiting in a shop while the owner is out at the mosque.
17 Mar 15
Women released from government jails face suspicion in their own communities.
16 Mar 15
Reflections on leaving a war-torn country, perhaps forever.
16 Mar 15
Women challenge Islamic militants on their arbitrary rules on “modest dress”.