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28 Apr 00
Although Vladimir Putin continues to rule out the possibility of holding peace talks with Aslan Maskhadov, there is every sign that he is keeping his options open
14 Apr 00
A shady political deal may have helped secure Eduard Shevardnadze's overwhelming presidential election victory
31 Mar 00
A parliamentary inquiry in Armenia investigates the alleged theft by state officials of vast quantities of fuel in the early nineties.
31 Mar 00
The Georgian government is currently considering reforms aimed at breathing new life into the republic's ailing tourist trade
24 Mar 00
Georgia's once flourishing wine industry is in perilous decline, as the loss of regional markets, under-investment and rampant bootlegging take their toll
24 Mar 00
In the event of his election victory, how will Vladimir Putin go about reasserting Russia's political and military influence over the South Caucasus?
17 Mar 00
Sandzak's future looks grim whatever the outcome of the escalating conflict between Serbia and Montenegro. The outbound buses are booked solid.
17 Mar 00
The Baku government's failure to improve social and economic conditions for women has forced many of them to turn to prostitution.
25 Feb 00
Investors are getting cold feet over plans to build a pipeline which would break the Russian and Iranian stranglehold on Caspian oil wells.
18 Feb 00
Baku takes action to thwart Armenian cyber forces following a spate of hacker attacks on Azeri websites.