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19 Nov 99
What is it about Nakhichevan? Although comprising only 10 per cent of the Azerbaijani population, virtually every member of the country's political elite hails from the tiny enclave.
12 Nov 99
There are clear improvements in the Georgian economy - yet more than half of the country's unemployed have been out of work for more than three years and 41 percent of this group are professionally qualified. Half are women.
12 Nov 99
With the expected signing of a deal on Nagorno-Karabakh derailed by last month's carnage in the Armenian parliament, the Chechen crisis is even more certain to set the agenda for the OSCE summit next week.
4 Nov 99
On the surface at least, constitutional order has been preserved in Armenia in the wake of the October 27 attack on the Yerevan parliament - but tensions with the military continue.
22 Oct 99
Meetings this month between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan are raising expectations of a peace agreement over the disputed territory.
31 Jul 99
Tribunal Update 136: Last Week in The Hague (26-31 July, 1999)
18 Jun 99
The use of rape as a weapon of war was widespread in Kosovo. But the scale of the atrocities have been hidden by Albanian communities to hide their "shame" from the outside world.
10 Jun 99
Long a diplomatic fudge factory, the UN resolution on Kosovo firmly reflects the terms dictated by NATO.
19 Apr 99
The Security Council has not authorised the bombing. But whatever the legalities of NATO's campaign against Yugoslavia, the action has broad support at the UN.
15 Apr 99
About 110,000 refugees remain in Macedonia, and the hard questions begin: what will they do, where will they go, will they ever return? And will last week's promises of help ever materialise?