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22 May 15
A flavour from home brings a much-needed moment of comfort.
22 May 15
A female activist has no regrets about helping government soldiers defect.
22 May 15
A young man is seized by government forces while on his way to an exam.
22 May 15
Activist recalls emergency operation which left her with a “revolutionary scar”.
A children’s celebration in Tariq al-Bab, Aleppo. (Photo: Damascus Bureau)
18 May 15
Night of celebration descends into terror and destruction.
18 May 15
As Douma falls to government forces, an activist seeks for news of her family.
Ammar Al Shahbander with Tony Borden in a picture from 2012. (Photo: IWPR)
15 May 15
IWPR's executive director describes the respect and affection people had for Ammar Al Shahbander.
Desperation drives women to stand outside mosques asking for help. Bustan al-Qasr, Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
15 May 15
Facing the trauma of death and disappearance in Idlib.
Placard mourning Ammar Al Shahbander in Baghdad. Photo: Hatem Tome)
14 May 15
After an emotional farewell, colleagues reflect on his contribution in life.
A young girl painted the flag of the revolutionaries on her cheek for a demonstration in Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
12 May 15
Trapped under fire, a mother has no answer to a child’s question.