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13 Jun 00
Serbs flock to the cinema to escape the harsh realities of the Milosevic regime.
26 May 00
Corrupt officials in Azerbaijan are suspected of lining their pockets with the proceeds of illegal sturgeon fishing.
17 May 00
The pagan customs of ancient Circassian tribes survive the depredations of the Soviet era
17 May 00
Privatisation seems to offer the only chance of salvation for Armenia's national airline whose wings have been clipped by $12 million of debt
17 May 00
Russians tighten up security in the Chechen lowlands as rebel forces announce the start of the spring campaign
5 May 00
Political loose cannon Bislan Gantimirov hits out at recent peace initiatives in Chechnya, calling for the total annihilation of the rebel forces.
2 May 00
Bosnian Serbs have begun to set aside the hatreds and exaggerated stereotypes that fueled the war.
28 Apr 00
Although Vladimir Putin continues to rule out the possibility of holding peace talks with Aslan Maskhadov, there is every sign that he is keeping his options open
28 Apr 00
Ajarian leader Aslan Abashidze is fond of boasting that he has created a virtual "paradise" on the shores of the Black Sea. But not of all his subjects would agree with him.
28 Apr 00
The president of Karachaevo-Cherkessia is stubbornly resisting repeated attempts to dilute his authority.