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Global Voices

23 Jul 08
Arrest of Radovan Karadzic shows Serbian security services can locate war crimes suspects if the political will is there.
18 Jul 08
Tribunal is taking steps to help former Yugoslav courts continue its work once it closes in 2010.
11 Jul 08
Some say it has no choice if it wants Serbia to join EU, but others think full cooperation is unlikely.
30 Jun 08
Tribunal transparency discussed by Bosnian media following IWPR round table.
27 Jun 08
Round table discusses controversy around Serbian military documents used as evidence in the Milosevic trial.
27 Jun 08
As new constitution comes into force, communal divisions and a row over the international presence threaten to split province.
20 Jun 08
They say regional body would help set historical record straight and aid reconciliation process.
Editorial Comment
18 Jun 08
26 May 08
Sir Geoffrey Nice tells IWPR seminar that ICTY should review procedures dealing with confidentiality.
7 May 08
An IWPR round table in The Hague on May 15 asks whether Serbia's secret war files should be revealed in the name of justice.