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17 Nov 08
Karadzic’s cat and mouse game with his pursuers ends in bizarre circumstances.
17 Nov 08
Expert witness provides documents relating to alleged ties between Serbian authorities and Bosnian Serbs.
3 Nov 08
While Security Council agrees to extend judges’ contracts, it drags heels over prolonging Yugoslav tribunal's mandate.
28 Oct 08
The few who have gone back say scarcity of work, not inter-ethnic tension, is why others won’t join them.
25 Oct 08
IWPR credited with promoting the discussion of war crimes justice issues.
25 Oct 08
Coverage of Karadzic case and related issues dominates output.
25 Oct 08
While some at Zagreb launch accused former prosecutor of self promotion, others praised her decision to speak out.
24 Oct 08
They hope collecting one million signatures throughout former Yugoslavia will force governments to take action.
4 Oct 08
The trial of six former Bosnian Croat officials hears why Serbo-Croat language became just Croat.
30 Sep 08
IWPR project provides probing analysis of upcoming Karadzic trial.