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17 Feb 15
Limited post-release support makes it hard for offenders to get back on the straight and narrow.
The Sakdrisi site in May 2014. (Photo: Heather Yundt)
2 Feb 15
Disputes over archaeological site continue as “limited” mining works start.
Journalists interview a resident of Zardiantkari as he crosses a Georgian police checkpoint. (Photo: Heather Yundt/IWPR)
28 Jan 15
IWPR takes Georgian reporters to a village on the fragile boundary with South Ossetia.
20 Jan 15
Some economists say that being so tightly tied into the Russian economy could actually mitigate some of the worst effects.
11 Dec 14
Official say alarmist comments could dent confident in currency's ability to recover.
rakli Petriashvili (left), head of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, at a conference on working conditions held in Tbilisi held on November 18-19. (Photo: Georgian Trade Union Confederation)
28 Nov 14
Analysts say government will have to adopt laws to meet European standards sooner or later.
The mosque built in 1927 in Mokhe. (Photo: Tamuna Uchidze)
7 Nov 14
Assigning a contested building for a neutral purpose hasn’t worked.
30 Oct 14
Rights activists accuse police of not taking domestic abuse seriously enough.
Protesters stream through Tbilisi in September 2012 after TV showed video of prison abuses. (Photo: Tinatin Lataria)
20 Oct 14
Mistreatment continues although some experts say it is no longer systemic.
29 Sep 14
Some analysts fear stricter visa rules will deter foreigners who contribute to Georgian economic growth.


Photo Gallery

Moslawi traditional band playing music from the 19th century. (Photo: IWPR)
Hugely popular event highlights city’s rehabilitation and recovery.