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29 Oct 99
Armenia's stand off at its parliament may be at an end but the political fallout from Wednesday's televised carnage will linger for months yet.
22 Oct 99
Mutual suspicions between Russia and Georgia have been increased during the Chechnya crisis, erupting into a key issue of forthcoming parliamentary elections.
22 Oct 99
In crossing the Terek river, Moscow seems to be heading for a full-scale war in Chechnya, and neglecting many of the lessons from its previous defeat.
15 Oct 99
The abrupt departure of the Azeri president's trusted aide has fueled further speculations about negotiations over Nagorno-Karabakh and other policies of concern to Moscow. Did the advisor jump or was he pushed?
15 Oct 99
The chaos in Chechnya is spreading over the border into Georgia as armed gangs turn to kidnap to raise foreign money for weapons.
15 Oct 99
The Kremlin faces a choice in Chechnya: establish a cordon sanitaire or embark on an all-out blitz on Grozny.