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24 Mar 99
Unlike the strikes in Bosnia in 1995, NATO does not have UN authorisation to proceed with the bombing of Serbia and Montenegro. It is also unlikely to be able to avoid the use of ground troops. Whatever the events, NATO is in the Balkans to stay.
18 Mar 99
As the Paris talks ended, both delegations did what had been expected of them. The question then turned to what, after weeks of threats, the West would do.
12 Feb 99
Almost all the details at the Kosovo talks are decided, and the key decisions are clear: independence is out, NATO is in, and Milosevic stays on top.
23 Jan 99
Tribunal Update 109: Last Week in The Hague (18-23 January, 1999)
11 Jan 99
Serbia's opposition parties have come together to issue President Milosevic an ultimatum: call elections by the end of April or face united and unrelenting mass protest.
19 Dec 98
Tribunal Update 106: Last Week in The Hague (14-19 December, 1998)
12 Dec 98
Tribunal Update 105: Last Week in The Hague (7-12 December, 1998)