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21 Jan 00
Could old religious disputes divide the Chechen high command as Moscow steps up its relentless offensive? Spiritual leaders are calling for extremist elements to be held accountable for their war-mongering crusades.
23 Dec 99
The Unity Party's election objectives appear to have been reached in Sunday's Russian parliamentary polls, driven as much by tanks in Chechnya as by the party's actual policies.
10 Dec 99
While recognising the legitimacy of the Russian government's drive to eliminate the destabilising threat posed by Chechnya's uncontrolled militants, Russian tactics in the republic has appalled much of the international community.
13 Jul 99
Serbia is rebuilding its bridges - and its minds. Academics are reviving the spirit of Brezhnev. China supports Yugoslav Prime Minister Momir Bu La To Vic. And our president boasts: "Our country is the freest and most democratic in the world."
23 Jun 99
The Serbs must be invited to "share the risks of building a future democracy" in Kosovo, says the province's top independent journalist, Veton Surroi. (BCR No 50, 23-Jun-99)
13 Jun 99
Tribunal Update 129: Last Week in The Hague (7-13 June, 1999)
10 Jun 99
Long a diplomatic fudge factory, the UN resolution on Kosovo firmly reflects the terms dictated by NATO.
8 Jun 99
Belgrade has accepted defeat over Kosovo. Now it is playing for the domestic propaganda - rebuilding political alliances, and securing Milosevic's position in power.
25 May 99
Clinton may still just say no, but NATO seems to be edging towards ground troops in an "unpermissive" environment.
22 May 99
Tribunal Update 126: Last Week in The Hague (17-22 May, 1999)