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23 Jun 15
Debate participants say the National Solidarity Programme's projects are not always well run.
23 Jun 15
Discussion events give people a chance to learn about the state’s obligations to them.
19 Jun 15
Mood of general support for reconciliation with Taleban, in a survey group of around 2,000.
These people, just inside Kyrgyzstan, are being handed goods which they will take over the border into Kazakstan for a fee. (Photo: IWPR)
15 Jun 15
Strategic position and porous borders makes Central Asian state ideal location for trading, and smuggling too.
Following the last parliamentary election, staff move ballot boxes at  Independent Election Commission warehouses in Kabul, September 2010. (Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)
12 Jun 15
According to the constitution, polls should have been held weeks ago.
Afghan boys work at a factory making bricks used for construction in Herat, Afghanistan. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
3 Jun 15
Poverty and conservative traditions keep many youngsters out of school.
1 Jun 15
People lose faith in inefficient and dishonest state judicial system.
15 May 15
Only a handful of governors have been formally appointed, and local government is in chaos.
1 May 15
At debates in southern regions, speakers acknowledge that irrational emotion often blanks out common sense in public narratives, with sometimes fatal consequences.
21 Apr 15
Efforts to achieve equality at provincial level still falling far short.