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8 Oct 12
Unresolved conflict in the Southern Caucasus and the return to war in the North is a problem for all. But democratisation must be a fundamental part of the solution.
19 Mar 10
The younger generation seems more susceptible to nationalism than those who grew up under Socialism.
8 Mar 10
War crimes suspect held on Serbian warrant but Bosnia wants him too.
1 Mar 10
Conference exposes conflict-related tensions and resentments that still to swirl around the Balkans.
15 Feb 10
Could some journalists in south-east Europe be rediscovering the importance of virtues that certain of their British counterparts are abandoning?
15 Feb 10
Some 30,000 Serb families who used to live in Croatia have missed out in the property restitution process because their homes were publicly rather than privately owned.
15 Feb 10
The ex-president’s defence case made little sense until you considered what it was he hoped to achieve by it.
15 Feb 10
Ruling marks an important development in international law - the first time the Genocide Convention has been applied at the ICJ.
15 Feb 10
The reversal of Vidoje Blagojevic’s genocide conviction show that judges continue to disagree on what constitutes genocidal intent.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Calls for greater scrutiny of tribunal proceedings grow louder in wake of decision to conceal parts of Serbia’s military archives from public.


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Moslawi traditional band playing music from the 19th century. (Photo: IWPR)
Hugely popular event highlights city’s rehabilitation and recovery.