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Jan 05
ZANU PF supporters welcoming President Mugabe at the state function in Harare ahead of parliamentary elections set for March.
2 May 05
Part of IWPR's Zimbabwe elections reporting project. Work of a local photographer who for safety reasons wishes to remain anonymous.
30 Apr 05
Carla Del Ponte's sacking as Rwanda prosecutor came amid rumours that she was investigating Kagame regime.
29 Apr 05
Hague set on devolving prosecutions to Bosnian and other courts in the region.
29 Apr 05
International Criminal Court might take action against companies for complicity in war crimes.
22 Feb 05
The ICC has several hurdles to overcome before it sets its sights on bringing war criminals to justice.
22 Feb 05
Election of judges to the international criminal court is improbable show-stopper.
22 Feb 05
Forum intended to enable Serbia to face up to its role in the war is broken up.
22 Feb 05
Indictment of former Albanian guerrillas could go some way to persuading Serbs that The Hague is even-handed.
22 Feb 05
New court expected to deter leaders from doing what they please in their own countries.
22 Feb 05
Critics of America’s opposition to the new international court make their point on Scheveningen beach.