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Global Voices

Afghan women prepare to weave a traditional rug. (Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Flickr)
8 Feb 16
Vocational training programmes prove highly successful in eastern province.
7 Feb 16
Diplomat hints that Moscow may share common interests with the insurgent group.
Attendees at the two-day IWPR training workshop for High Peace Council representatives in Kabul. (Photo: IWPR)
5 Feb 16
Sessions held on building public trust and reporting news clearly.
Women face daily harassment on the streets of Afghanistan. (Photo: Polar lights/Flickr)
27 Jan 16
Activists say that the problem has reached epidemic proportions.
21 Jan 16
Activists accuse the authorities of being unwilling or unable to ensure the rule of law.
18 Jan 16
Local campaigners say that they are not invited to political or cultural gatherings.
18 Jan 16
Some Afghans are sceptical about an initiative intended to convince fighters to lay down their arms.
12 Jan 16
Experts argue that vital resource could be worth of billions of US dollars to the country.
12 Jan 16
Medical centres tend to be concentrated in urban areas, leaving villagers little access to care.
22 Dec 15
Afghan government urged to act so as to fend off an economic crisis