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28 Nov 15
Mothers may face ridicule and mistreatment if they have daughters rather than sons.
28 Nov 15
Journalists complain that officials continually obstruct their work.
24 Nov 15
Rights and justice issues aired in public meetings and explored in a series of reports.
IWPR debate in Kandahar, November 9, 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
23 Nov 15
Taxpayers say they'd be happier contributing if they were sure the money wasn’t being purloined.
23 Nov 15
Government needs to confront factors that lead young people into violence.
23 Nov 15
Events offer rare chance to speak frankly with officials.
23 Nov 15
Calls for more clarity on who might qualify as a negotiating partner in peace talks.
20 Nov 15
Inhumane punishments are common in areas outside government control.
Bridge connecting Afghan border town of Hairatan with Uzbekistan. (Photo: Qayum Babak)
18 Nov 15
Tashkent likely to be more amenable to regional security cooperation, but may still shun formal defence pact.
13 Nov 15
Drivers say officers harass them and extort money, instead of making the roads safer.