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IWPR provides a multilingual platform for journalists who would otherwise have no outlet. Multimedia and text stories cover the themes of IWPR’s project activities, from human rights to good governance, conflict to inclusive societies.

Story production is an integral part of IWPR’s training methodology, as on-the-job mentoring builds massively on formal training courses.

Global Voices

19 Mar 15
Decades of warfare and market instability have done ruinous harm.
18 Mar 15
Speakers at IWPR debates ask for more sensitive reporting of stories involving violence.
17 Mar 15
Events are opportunities for ordinary people to come face to face with their political representatives.
12 Mar 15
Radio show on armed militias counted because the subject "affects the majority of people".
11 Mar 15
A cleric says women’s shelters reflect Islamic values, but some men resent them.
10 Mar 15
Officials’ reluctance to share data has led to widespread distrust.
Women in burqas. (Photo: Flickr/Marius Arnesen)
8 Mar 15
New president says things can only get better.
4 Mar 15
Biometric documents meant to reduce fraud in upcoming parliamentary polls.
26 Feb 15
Literature seen as a way to encourage society to turn away from conflict.