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27 Apr 16
A combination of rising violence and family pressure means that the numbers of female reporters are dwindling.
Tajik panellists during the April 7 Skype debate organised by IWPR. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Apr 16
Both sides say they can support each other in building new post-conflict realities.
A village in Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan. (Photo: Seair21/Flickr)
15 Apr 16
Traditions of intermarriage and communal living prioritise strength and unity over individual choice.
The embroidery of Kandahari women is known worldwide for its high quality. (Photo: Afsana/Hindara)
13 Apr 16
Women say that market has been in free fall since international exit two years ago.
13 Apr 16
Event hears how male family members are the ones empowered to make decisions.
11 Apr 16
Defying conservative traditions, female enthusiasts continue to pursue their goals.
27 Mar 16
Women in Herat province complain that factory owners are exploiting their vulnerabilities.
13 Mar 16
Speakers say that public trust can only be won through a higher degree of professionalism.
10 Mar 16
Event told that gender discrimination comes in many forms.
Prison guard stands as female inmates weave carpets in Herat's main prison. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
10 Mar 16
Handicraft skills are reducing tensions within the institution as well as helping women support their families.