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Global Voices

30 May 18
Opioid pain medication proves popular among young female students.
30 May 18
Conflict deemed as un-Islamic by experts in Indonesia summit.
Ahmed Shah (right) receives a certificate on completing a three-day IWPR training in investigative journalism in October, 2017. (Photo: IWPR)
3 May 18
Killing took place on the country’s deadliest ever day for journalists.
2 May 18
Reporters rally to insist that they will not be intimidated into silence.
Project Highlight
23 Apr 18
Event provides forum for participants to network and share experiences.
A man talks on the phone in the western neighbourhood of Kabul known as TV Hill. (Photo: Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)
23 Apr 18
Customers in southern province complain that they are being treated unfairly.
20 Apr 18
Locals turn to tribal mediation in the absence of access to formal justice processes.
The Kunar river winds 1,000 miles across Afghanistan. (Photo: John Cantlie/Getty Images)
19 Apr 18
Huge swathes of farmland wiped out by high rainfall and snowmelt.
Historic sites in Nuristan lie in ruins. (Photo: Sahibdad Hamdard)
10 Apr 18
Ancient temples and gardens in mountainous eastern province risk being lost forever.
9 Apr 18
A lack of representation has led to a vicious circle of marginalisation.