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16 Nov 01
Those trying to portray the international crisis as a conflict between the West and Islam should consider the lesson of Bosnia.
14 Nov 01
Azeri customs officials are being overwhlemed by the scale of drugs trafficking through the country.
11 Nov 01
Armenia is to increase its military cooperation with the West as a means of enhancing regional stability.
20 Oct 01
Tbilisi now accepts that membership of the Western military alliance is a long way off
5 Oct 01
Terrorist attacks in the USA have triggered a witch-hunt against mujahedin in Bosnia.
18 Sep 01
Tbilisi is under pressure from Moscow to tackle Chechen rebels believed to be hiding out in Georgia
24 Aug 01
Georgia is in an ideal location to control, or exploit, the flow of drugs around the region.
10 Nov 00
While the former Soviet peoples have grown apart immeasurably over the past decade, there are still unbreakable ties which bind them
5 Sep 00
Romania has in recent years become a transit centre for clandestine immigration to the European Union
7 Jul 00
Russian troops in Chechnya are steeling themselves for a second spate of bomb attacks as a rebel ultimatum runs out this weekend