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19 Dec 02
As the war goes on, fundamentalist Islamists in Chechnya are becoming bolder and more violent.
28 Oct 02
The most frightening explanation of the Moscow terror siege is that the Chechen militants were acting on their own.
28 Oct 02
Georgia's main port of Poti and its oil terminal at Supsa are both in serious environmental danger.
24 Sep 02
Elite counter terrorism unit to be investigated as part of police bid to break the back of the mafia.
30 Aug 02
A Georgian security sweep in the Pankisi Gorge has been welcomed by locals - but Russia is sceptical.
28 Aug 02
Bucharest hopes its firm support for US action on Iraq and strong stand against suspected extremist groups will ease its path into NATO.
21 Aug 02
While the Bucharest authorities' controversial pro-US stance may help Romania to join NATO, it will also hurt its chances for a place within the EU.
13 Jul 02
The UN's compromise over the new international court provides a reprieve for Balkan peacekeepers, but could set the stage for future disputes with Washington
10 Jul 02
The UN is racing against time to avert a renewed American bid to block its peacekeeping operation in Bosnia
12 Jun 02
Seven so-called terrorists killed by Macedonian police appear to have been workers trying to reach Athens to get jobs at the Olympic Games