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21 Aug 02
While the Bucharest authorities' controversial pro-US stance may help Romania to join NATO, it will also hurt its chances for a place within the EU.
13 Jul 02
The UN's compromise over the new international court provides a reprieve for Balkan peacekeepers, but could set the stage for future disputes with Washington
10 Jul 02
The UN is racing against time to avert a renewed American bid to block its peacekeeping operation in Bosnia
12 Jun 02
Seven so-called terrorists killed by Macedonian police appear to have been workers trying to reach Athens to get jobs at the Olympic Games
30 May 02
Bosnian police sources claim a recent inquiry into the activities of a controversial aid worker reveal links with al-Qaeda leader.
17 May 02
Officials have fingered a Dagestani warlord for the slaughter at last week's military parade, but important questions remain unanswered.
2 May 02
A brief encounter with Khattab, an Islamist warlord, now reported dead in Chechnya
1 Mar 02
America and Russia both want to rid the Pankisi Gorge of its criminals and Islamic militants - but can't agree how.
18 Jan 02
The decision to hand Arab terrorist suspects over to the Americans highlights powerlessness of the Bosnian authorities.
18 Jan 02
Reports of Russian military atrocities in the latest mop-up operations in Chechnya are finally drawing US criticism.