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(Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
29 Jun 18
Small-scale producers say they need start-up funding and dedicated space.
An Afghan boy writes on a chalkboard at a rural school. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
20 Jun 18
Insurgents have imposed their own regulations and curriculum.
Women face widespread discrimination when it comes to political participation. (Photo: Lynsey Addario/Getty Images Reportage)
18 Jun 18
Traditional mores often prevent women even working outside the home, let alone running for office.
Afghan women show identification cards as they wait to cast their votes. (Photo: Banaras Khan/AFP/Getty Images)
15 Jun 18
Lucrative trade risks further delegitimising electoral process.
Officials and activists are warning that very few women are registering to vote in upcoming elections. (Photo: 	Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
13 Jun 18
Conservative traditions mean that most do not even have national ID cards.
13 Jun 18
Locals accuse government of indifference.
12 Jun 18
Most cases are never reported as they are resolved by tribal elders.
(Photo: Marcel Mettelsiefen/Getty Images)
11 Jun 18
A low turn-out risks undermining the credibility of the outcome.
8 Jun 18
Locals complain of having to travel unreasonable distances for the chance to participate in upcoming polls.
31 May 18
People reluctant to even register to vote amid security threats and ongoing corruption.