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2 Oct 15
Obstacles remain to a scheme aimed at boosting both security and electoral transparency.
2 Oct 15
Open debate seen as way of bridging gap between government and people.
30 Sep 15
Kabul should do more to offer current and future insurgents a future.
29 Sep 15
Voters say they need reassurance that the process will be transparent.
22 Sep 15
Officials and media lack ability to counter rumours designed to sow confusion and despair.
17 Sep 15
Tradition deplored by civil and religious leaders is hard to eradicate.
15 Sep 15
Rising divorce rates may indicate that women are increasingly aware of their rights, although the law is restrictive and unevenly applied.
11 Sep 15
Debate audiences examine the pluses and minuses of engaging with insurgents.
Afghan participants at a September 3 video conference with fellow-peacebuilders from the Philippines. (Photo: IWPR)
8 Sep 15
Experts from seemingly dissimilar countries exchange ideas about how societies can move on from conflict.
4 Sep 15
Khost has an abysmal record on on upholding equal opportunity rules in local government.