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Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities. more

IWPR provides a multilingual platform for journalists who would otherwise have no outlet. Multimedia and text stories cover the themes of IWPR’s project activities, from human rights to good governance, conflict to inclusive societies.

Story production is an integral part of IWPR’s training methodology, as on-the-job mentoring builds massively on formal training courses.

Global Voices

26 Feb 15
Literature seen as a way to encourage society to turn away from conflict.
18 Feb 15
High levels of psychological distress widespread.
12 Feb 15
Around 1,500 people across 15 provinces get a chance to rate their leader’s record so far.
10 Feb 15
With few jobs available, joining the Taleban may look like the easy option.
5 Feb 15
While supporters note foreign policy achievements, critics want to see faster change at home.
4 Feb 15
Discussion programme takes in third of country’s provinces in January.
23 Jan 15
Call centre aims to give public a direct role in policing, although not everyone agrees it works all the time.
23 Jan 15
More than three decades of war continue to hamper the school system.
Handover ceremony for IWPR-supported media centre in Nangarhar. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Jan 15
Journalists access internet and get training from hubs set up and equipped in two provincial centres.
Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visiting Germany, December 5, 2014. (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
15 Jan 15
Interviews reflect sense of disappointment that new president hasn’t lived up to expectations.