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26 May 16
Event hears how gender discrimination continues to be perpetuated.
Mohammad Qasem Halimi of the Afghan National Ulema Council addresses IWPR's Kabul event. (Photo: IWPR)
20 May 16
Three-day event leads to proposals for building a better future for Afghanistan.
18 May 16
Locals say that only outside intervention can help reduce abuses.
12 May 16
Experts say that psychological problems are on the rise.
Mina Habib. (Photo: IWPR)
3 May 16
Journalist defies danger and prejudice to seek out stories.
Pashtun girl stands outside her family home in a village south of Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
30 Apr 16
Conservative traditions in the southern province of Kandahar mean that sons are valued over daughters.
27 Apr 16
A combination of rising violence and family pressure means that the numbers of female reporters are dwindling.
Tajik panellists during the April 7 Skype debate organised by IWPR. (Photo: IWPR)
21 Apr 16
Both sides say they can support each other in building new post-conflict realities.
A village in Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan. (Photo: Seair21/Flickr)
15 Apr 16
Traditions of intermarriage and communal living prioritise strength and unity over individual choice.
The embroidery of Kandahari women is known worldwide for its high quality. (Photo: Afsana/Hindara)
13 Apr 16
Women say that market has been in free fall since international exit two years ago.