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Women's Day in Tunisia

As the debate over Islam and democracy continues to dominate the political scene in Tunisia, many are worried that Islamist rhetoric will compromise the progress of women’s rights.
By IWPR Tunisia

This film, produced by IWPR’s Jadal project, highlights the controversy surrounding Article 28 of the draft constitution, which describes women as men’s “partners” and stating that their role is complementary within the family. 

Jadal explores this issue by following two active young Tunisian women, during nationally Women's Day, marked here on August 13.

One of them is Asma Fatma al-Moatamri, a law student, journalist and active member of the prominent Tunisian Association of Democratic Women. The other is Iman Ben Mohammed, an elected member of the National Constituent Assembly and a member of Ennahda, the leading Islamist party.

At the end of the day, Jadal brought both women together to talk and challenge one another’s viewpoints on women’s rights in Tunisia.

While this inside view of their activities on Women’s Day shows how different their views are, the contrast between liberalism and conservatism is qualified by their reflections on the current state of women's rights and its future direction.

This video was produced by the team at, part of IWPR’s Tunisia Programme.