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Vujin Case: Contempt Proceedings Postponed Due To NATO Action

By Mirko Klarin

Milan Vujin, the former defence counsel for Dusko Tadic, explaining his non-appearance before contempt of court proceedings against him on March 30, presented the Tribunal with a motion that began by charging NATO with "crimes against humanity".

Because his country had been "criminally and shamelessly attacked" by NATO, without "a proper decision" by the United Nations, and having thus committed a "crime against humanity", he had been unable to appear before the Appeals Chamber session.

Vujin, president of the Bar Association of Serbia, had been summoned to attend a hearing on the accusations against him made by Tadic, who says Vujin worked against his best interests during his trial (see Update 110). The motion has no connection with calls for Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour to indict NATO for such crimes, although the possibility that Vujin may end up handling this thankless brief is not to be dismissed altogether, given the current political climate in Serbia.

In any case the Appeals Chamber accepted Vujin's explanation for his failure to attend the hearing, and set a tentative date for a new hearing.

It now reconvenes on April 26, presumably depending on whether NATO has halted its "criminal attacks" by then, or if not, whether Vujin chooses to use the same excuse and not appear, and in that case, whether the Tribunal chooses to accept his excuse a second time...

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