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US Not Committed to Peace - Papers

The United States is not only avoiding its promises regarding peace in the Middle East but also laying obstacles in the way of the peace process, said an October 25 op-ed article in the state-run newspaper Tishreen.

Ezeldin al-Darwish wrote that Washington had failed to create a “proper atmosphere for peace” in the region, adding that the commitment of the US towards peace remained only on paper and was not yet translated into “actions” by the Israeli side.

He added that Israel was working against peace.

The columnist criticised Washington for asking Arab nations to show more goodwill towards Israel and normalise their relations with the Jewish state, while the Arabs were the side that was respecting international resolutions and responding to peace efforts.

Meanwhile, an October 21 editorial on the opposition website said nothing was moving on all the regional issues, from the Arab Israeli conflict to the Iranian nuclear programme and the Islamic Republic’s role in the Middle East.

The website said that the region was still in a “transitional phase”. It said that the Syrian attitude during this phase consisted of “swinging” between its strong ties with Iran and the desire to open up to the international community.

The article complimented Saudi Arabia’s efforts to mend its relations with Damascus in order, it said, to weaken the Syrian Iranian alliance.

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